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How to Make Flour Coated Peanut?
Publish:2017-10-09 By serena
Peanut coating machine can help you quickly make flour coated peanut. And you also can make coated peanut by handle. Here will introduce the recipe to you.
1. Raw materials
Peanuts 1 kg, starch (flour can also) 2 kg, 5 kg sugar, 20 grams of salt, thirteen grams of incense, 5 grams of pepper, chili powder 10 grams, 200 grams of cooking oil, soda ash 5 grams, 500 grams of water 5 grams.
2. Material handling
The sugar with warm water to open the standby 60-70 C.
Put the dry flour and baking soda and stir, stir in salt.
It will fry eight mature peanuts into the sugar machine 50-60 cm in diameter, with a spoon of sugar water will open (about one teaspoon of peanut can) to mix the wet, so as not to pour syrup for sugar, let pour evenly mix in peanuts, not condensed in the pelvic floor.
The mix then began to spread to the peanut starch, such as sugar mix action also, pour a little water, immediately after shaking, then a layer of starch, so repeatedly, until the peanuts with half a millimeter starch, with a spoon poured half a teaspoon of edible oil, temporarily do not sprinkle starch: oil to mix again starch, sugar, stirring and pouring, until peanuts with starch about 1 mm thick, and then poured into half a teaspoon of edible oil, stir evenly. Put the mixed peanut bean spread drying on board or large containers, lest adhesion.
3. Frying
The oil till the blue smoke, each into two bowls of green, stir constantly, so as not to sink in the bottom of the pot fried peanut bean paste, fried black, deep fried to both float on the surface of oil, and a yellow sauce, immediately remove, add second secondary embryos, so repeatedly, until the end of fried.
4. Mix
The rest of the peanuts will mix a bowl of sugar, white sugar, boiled syrup (300 grams of water to keep the shape around) mention spoon under the sugar into the glass rather than filiform, drops down, then the thirteen spice powder, pepper powder, chili powder into the boil stir well in syrup. Stir fry the peanuts with a mixture of hot sauce and a large pot. Stir it in a large container and let it dry for 10--20 minutes
Make Flour Coated Peanut
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