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What is the Production Process of Fried Peanut?
Publish:2017-09-30 By serena
LONGER Machinery fried peanut production line is on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, combining with the condition of our country under the studying of technical personnel, launch to be advanced, practical, cheap and fine a new generation of products. The whole line can realize the automatic flow of water, can save a lot of human resources, reduce the production cost of the product to a large extent, and can be customized according to the production size of customers. The main equipments include automatic peanut soaking machine, peeling machine, drying apparatus, peanut fryer machine, oil deoiling machine, seasoning machine, lifting conveyor, cooling packaging equipment, etc. It can be used in the processing of deep-fried peanut, pretz-salted peanuts, Fried broad beans, Fried almonds, etc. It has the advantages of high automation, low labor intensity, high universality, low energy consumption and high quality of products.

1. Continuous fried peanut production process: raw material delivery -- deep-fried -- oil -- transport -- deoiling machine -- conveying, cooling -- feeding
2. Main equipment of continuous frying production: raw material conveyor, frying machine, oil immersion machine, conveyor, deoiling machine, conveyor cooling machine, automatic mixing machine, conveyor, quantitative additive machine. Continuous filter.
3. The automatic continuous frying production line is made of imported high quality stainless steel, clean and beautiful, and heated with thermal oil. Can be continuously Fried peanuts, continuous Fried broad beans, and continuously Fried various nuts.
4. Heating method: using closed-circuit heating method can choose coal, gas, fuel and other energy sources.
5. Main purpose: widely used in beans, such as broad bean, soybean, green bean, etc. Nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, walnut meat, etc.
6. Function: all automatic continuous work from raw material input to finished product can be continuously Fried, online filter oil, deoil, cooling, mixing powder (additive mixing).

Fried Peanut Process
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