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Dry Soybean Peeling Machine Manufacturer
Publish:2017-09-29 By serena
At present, domestic and foreign soybean peeling machine technology and equipment generally adopts the following methods: (1) gear peeling; (2) tooth roll peeling; (3) centrifugal impact peeling; (4) wet roller peeling. By experts comparative analysis, tooth plate peeling machine principle has the advantages of simple structure, but the peeling rate is low, generally about 70%; tooth roller peeling machine peeling rate is as high as 90%, but the soybean moisture content before the machine requirements is very low, generally 7 ~ 8%, the pretreatment of high energy consumption, high investment; centrifugal impact peeling machine into the machine before the moisture content of raw materials also is very low, the peeling rate is 90%; as for the wet peeling roller peeling machine, after peeling bean most needed drying, distinct disadvantages now rarely used.
Our company based on the above advantages of the peeling machine, engage the actual requirements of the soybean, soybean peeling machine from the study of biochemical and physicochemical properties of soybean on itself and the development of a new principle, introduce as follows:
One, performance characteristics:
1, high peeling rate, low powder; after peeling, bean curd, bean cotyledon, umbilical three clear separation, good screening effect;
2, large quantity, single processing capacity of 150 ~ 300T/D;
3, with short process, small area, low power consumption and simple operation;
4, good safety performance, simple operation, long service life, less maintenance.
Two, structure and working principle:
The peeling machine is composed of a feeding device, a peeling roller, a frame, etc. the feeder ensures the uniformity of the soybean entering machine and adjusts the output. The tooth type peeling roller has a special design, mainly on soybean squeezing and rub tear, squeeze the soybean crushing, tearing force to rub soybean hull and kernel separation. After peeling into the hull and kernel mixture separation of hull and kernel separating sieve sieve, two layer screen surface, the rear screen surface with two suction inlet. The mixture of powder sieve to advance, from broken kernels outlet. The upper sieve surface is large skin and no peeling soybean, and the skin is sucked away from the suction port, and the soybean is not peeled back. The second layer on the screen surface skin from second suction outlet pumped out from the bean to softening, rolling, Rosa collected into leathers. The process is characterized by short production cycle, short process line, small occupation area and low power consumption.
Soybean Peeling Machine Manufacturer
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8th Floor, Building 8, Jingkai Square, No.1507, Hanghai East Road, Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou, China.
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