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The History of U.S. Peanut Butter in Russia
Publish:2016-01-19 By jacob
The American way of life is affecting the life style of Russia. Blue denim pants, rock and roll, Coca Cola, hamburgers, pizza, computer, aerobic exercise, travel shoes, and evangelical doctrine in recent years are in the Russian and popular. It is no wonder that many Russians constantly exclaimed: "Americans! Americans! "
Now, a U.S. peanut butter has successfully infiltrated the Russian market, so that more and more Russians like this authentic American food.
American peanut production in Georgia and other continents, former Democratic president Jamie * Carter is on the Georgia peanut started. Dozens of years ago, an American black scientist after several trials, developed a special flavor of peanut butter, all of a sudden to pursue the United states. This peanut butter processing technology is unique, rich in nutrition, it is said that the protein content of more than beef.
At that time, the U. S. economy is stagnant, this cheap peanut butter soon become the main food for the poor in the south. At present, the United States and the National Council of peanuts rely on four kinds of promotional means to quickly make the U.S. peanut butter in Russia a firm foothold.
The first is cost free. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Russia has a serious economic crisis, commodity shortages, food shortages. The Bush administration has agreed to provide assistance to Russia. American peanut planting and processors spotted the opportunity, take the initiative to Russia for the provision of 60 tons of peanut butter, assigned to the Russians. The lack of food in the Russian people to eat this delicious peanut butter, some reluctant to give up.
The second is carrying out promotional activities. Now, the promotional activities of the peanut butter in the United States have been in the two major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg developed, Americans want to Russia the two "leading the new trend of the city first" love peanut butter, and then put peanut butter spread across Russia. "
Third is a good vote for the Russian government. Russia's current foreign exchange shortage, with precious hard currency is unlikely to import peanut butter. American peanut tycoons and the government of the United States of America and the Russian government to carry out lobbying activities, to carry out by the cash assistance to Russia sold the peanut butter. The National Peanut Council responsible person said that the Russian government serious shortage of beef, with cheap peanut butter instead of beef, can satisfy the needs of the people and to save money, so the Russian government endorsed the plan is very likely.
Finally is to seize the youth. The United States is the goal of the peanut. A representative of the United States is currently in Moscow and St Petersburg schools in the East ran West, prompting the school to agree to the U.S. peanut butter included in the student lunch recipes. In order to win over the feelings, carrying a large number of American delegation peanut butter medallion, distributed in the Russian youth.

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