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Manage the production line with high efficiency(2)
Publish:2018-08-16 By jacob
[3].Pratice of the production line publicity board management.
 production line publicity board management is currently on-site management.It's now is the most effective methods 'cause It's to use eye management, vision represents productivity, more thorough the implementation, more full of vitality production organization.
management role is mainly: the liberation of the manager; the process transparent; dynamic  production line publicity board managementmanagement; shared goals and outcomes; create up atmosphere.
Production line integrated management billboards contents include: the production line standard operating diagram, production performance table, start point checklist, 5S-point checklist, excellent improvement case, 4M (man, machine, material, method) change table, safety checklist for every day quality information, content production line problems exist.
Billboards is mainly used for managers, Billboard production line is showing all the problems, most managers should possess the following qualities is to find problems and problem-solving skills, Kanban management is to make the problem appear, let the managers and employees are aware of the problem where they occur, how to address and resolve when, to what extent resolved. For example, the implementation of standard operating diagram, this shift staff whether the standard job execution, whether by the beat of production, 4M whether changes in the production process is stalled, these need attention and improvement managers improved.

[4].carry out a production line group activities.
Panel activation around SQCD (safety, quality, cost, delivery) activities, is the vitality of enterprises reproduction.
SQCD group activities, benefit employees and create a vibrant and growing jobs, foster team spirit.
Advantages carry out group activities are: 1, most employees understand the problems that occur in this position, in the process of problem-solving skills in employees to grow and have a sense of accomplishment; 2, to create jobs passionate, full participation, cross sectoral cooperation to build trust brainstorming, develop team spirit; 3, to achieve the company and the employees win-win situation, carry out a guided group activities to maximize the production line to eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve quality, and ensure delivery, to ensure safety, employees are exercise, enterprises to enhance the comprehensive management capabilities, achieve win-win situation.
The best group activities is subject to carry around, so it can strong the purpose of the activity, the subject can reduce equipment failure, improve process quality, reduce the cost of a single, improve efficiency and ensure safety ... group projects should not too wide, it is best lines occur 2-3 months by members of the group can solve the problem themselves, so to solve the problem through joint efforts of team members, will be able to boost morale and healthy development.

[5]. do a thorough job with 5S foundation
5S site management method is the modern enterprise management mode, 5S namely sorting (SEIRI), straighten (SEITON), sweeping (SEISOU), clean (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE), also known as "the five permanent members rule" 5S originated in Japan, refers to the production site for people, machines, materials, methods, and other production elements for effective management, which is a unique Japanese business management practices.
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