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Manage the production line with high efficiency
Publish:2018-08-16 By Jacob
A Company's production line is the fundamental to achieve the production and operation goal. It's also the embody of efficiency, quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale, environmental and other enterprise management elements, Managing production line excellently also means to managing the business excellently th production line management means a lot to a company.Below discusses several aspects about how to manage the production line.
[1]. Develop a good production line administrator
Three important duty production line administrator is:
1, to quality assurance;
2, to ensure delivery;
3, to reduce costs.
Four management requirements are:
1, quality assurance and ensure delivery for the first;
2, in order to visually manage all of abnormal appearance;
3, training staff and reduce inventory;
4, completely manage the underlying action.

[2].SOP of production line administrator
Standard operating production lines is to implement long-time production line line management, which includes: former job, the job, the job later.
1.Before the job: production line administrator should advance 10-20 minutes into the production line, shift recording on a group of view, understand the production, quality, equipment and other conditions; advance this shift production preparation, inspection of parts, drawings, workholding measuring , equipment status, ensure you have the starting conditions; after the employees work, held 5-10 minutes before the class to explain production, quality, maintenance, security and other content, training staff training; to guide employees 5S, equipment inspection;
2.In the job: production line administrator should work according to the visit and guide the process of production operations staff to ensure that their press line to walk, according to chapter operations, sequential flow of products, according to standard placement; on the production line was junior final (bumban order an intermediate frequency of one, at the end of a product shift) were measured, careful record; organize key process control charts RBI operator to do, when there is an exception (quality), press the exception processing promptly inform the plant process or make technical director of the treatment, the abnormal phenomena cause analysis, to develop countermeasures to prevent recurrence; examination revealed the production line in operation problems so as to improve the proposal.
3.After Job: When a job is completed, the production line administrator should count the middle class task completion shift; biopsies operator should fill the measuring tools card, The card should be exactly and clear; organization and responsible operator conduct equipment area the 5S work; fill shift records, and the precautions and abnormal situation should detail records, good communication; on the production line for improvement, carry out group activities and improve the implementation of the elimination of defects.

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