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How to maintain the machine
Publish:2015-11-27 By Jacob
How to maintain the machine
Machine maintenance includes routine maintenance and periodic maintenance, according to industry practice, which is also known as level maintenance, is done by production operators; the latter is called second-level maintenance is determined by the mechanical maintenance operator, with the complete.
Daily maintenance
1. Routine maintenance done by production operators,Each shift is needed to be done, and you should record everymove.
Its main elements are as follows:
1.1 To see the last shift of production and product quality records. Check the drive system is functioning properly; gearbox, gearbox oil oil level and oil temperature is normal, oil leaks; belt, chain slack-free content, find the problem immediately, return to normal before they can take over and resume production.
1.2 Carefully listens, and check screw Rod turned and other turned parts (motor, and deceleration box, and gearbox, and pump, and empty pressure machine,) has no exception noise and exception vibration; touch and check bearing end cover of temperature whether normal, machine tube, and hopper seat of temperature whether normal; check motor security protection device whether in place; found has not normal of situation, should timely notification mechanical maintenance workers to repair, stay not normal situation elimination Hou, party can succession continues to production.
1.3 Check the displayed equipment such as temperature, pressure, current, voltage, confirm whether data is displayed is correct and stable. Found the problem immediately adjust, if you have difficulty dealing with, inform electrician for repairs. 1.4 check the interface there is no leakage of the cooling water, compressed air, find the problem immediately.
1.5 In accordance with the provisions for each nozzle plus lubricating grease
1.6 Clean machine, remove dust and grease, clean place to work.
1.7 Succession records, in particular repair records. Specific procedures in accordance with the requirements of the equipment maintenance checklist operation.
Regular maintenance
Regular maintenance is generally carried out twice a year ( or every boot 3000h) can be use of production space or holidays . Its main contents are as follows: 
2.1 cleaning, wipe all parts of the production line of dust and oil, tighten loose Bolts.
2.2 Check the main motor gearbox without abnormal noise. Open the gear box, carefully cleaned moving parts and housings, cleaning bearings; replace oil.
2.3 checks each traction motor and rotary motor operation, replace worm gearbox oil. 
2.4 Checking the operation of the air compressor, replace the compressor oil .
2.5 Check operation of the die cooling fan, cleaning and reinforcement fan.
2.6 Check the operation of the crusher, depending on the circumstances add bearing lubricants, and grinding blade.
2.7 Inspection and according to the operation of suction machine, replace the brush.
2.8 check the operation of the mixer, add the motor and the hopper bearing lubricant, the chain tensioner.
2.9 each chain and belt tensioners, recording bearings, chains, belts models, presented spare parts program.
2.10 Check moving parts (gears, pulleys, pumps and compressor rotor, etc.) wear condition, replace badly worn parts, spare parts proposed plan.
2.11 check and proofread display pressure, current, voltage, meter and other instruments; check each heating element heats, replace the damaged heating and sensing element, made spare parts programs.
2.12 clean water tower, clear cooling water system, cleaning machine cylinder cooling fan, inspection, maintenance and damage the fan.
2.13 inspection nip roll clamping situation, the maintenance of the cylinder, replace the damaged compressed air hose and pneumatic components.
2.14 Open faulty motor, check brush wear, or replace brushes; check the wear condition of the rotor, if there is obvious wear and tear, to send a professional repair shop for repairs. Cleaning the motor bearings, replace already badly worn bearings. Maintenance is completed, the installed electric motors, wiring operation, check motor spark is normal, with or without excessive vibration, presented spare parts program.
2.15 demolition under the circumstances to clean screw, barrel, nose; measure the outside diameter of the screw; check the cylinder wall and the die wear and scratches. Abrasive finishing work surface scratches and burrs local, to smooth the material do not hang up.
2.16 Finally, with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to clean the control cabinet; fasten loose cables, wire connectors; check cable insulation, there are issues to be dealt with immediately; replacement of cables, wires jacket hose.
2.17 prepare maintenance records, especially after the repair or replacement of parts of the recording. Finishing good parts planning, good procurement arrangements. Specific operational procedures in accordance with the "Device regular maintenance table" requires action.
After the extruder into operation, spare parts should be prepared in advance of wearing parts.
Routine maintenance spare parts are:
3.1 barrel, die heating coil.
3.2 thermocouple.
3.3 Main motor belt.
3.4 gearbox seals.
3.5 gearbox ball bearings.
After a long time of operation, the extruder has begun to appear obvious wear and tear, we need to increase the following parts.
3.6 main motor brushes.
3.7 main motor bearings.
3.8 thrust ball bearings and gear box full of.
3.9 Gearbox gear or gear shaft.
3.10 motor shaft pulley.
3.11 temperature controller.
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