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New Baking Technology for Unhulled Peanuts
Publish:2015-11-24 By jacob

1. Material and method

1.1 Material and equipment

  Peanuts, salt, liquorice, Cyclamate, complex antioxidant. Vacuum drying machine,Ratary vane type vacuum pump,Electro-thermostatic blast oven,Balance,Multi-functional plastic film bag sealer.

1.2 Technological process

  Salt, cyclamate, complex antioxidant →liquorice→boiling→cooling→filtration→Take the filtrate→Deploy→Flavoring liquid→Peanuts→Select→Wash→Draining off→Vacuum taste→Toast in Oven→Toast in vacuum→cooling→packaging→ABTS.

1.3 Operating point

1.3.1 Select Peanut 

Selected particle satiated, appearance beautiful, thin shell, hard texture, colour and lustre is uniform, not moldy high quality fresh kernels; Peanut meat tender, slag coarse feeling; With clean water outside the peanut shells of sediment and impurities, etc.

1.3.2 The addition of composite antioxidants

According to the quality to add 0.1g/kg and 0.3g/kg composite antioxidants Then use boiling water slowly stir  it till it completely dissolved.

1.3.3 Compounding flavoring liquid

Choose fresh licorice as auxiliary materials configuration flavoring liquid, the addition of licorice, on the one hand, liquorice itself contains natural antioxidants. On the other hand, licorice can increase the product flavor. The licorice to add water to boil, then slowly cook, until will cook a liquorice sweetness, cooling after filtering. Then take the filtrate, according to the quality percentage add salt, sweet, composite antioxidant and constant volume with water to a certain weight for flavoring liquid blending.

1.3.4 Vacuum taste

To clean the peanuts into flavoring liquid, vacuumize, make the peanuts get taste in the pressure of 0.08~0.1MPa.

1.3.5 Toast in Oven

Remove the kernels from soaking liquid and cooling it. 

1.3.6 Package

Pick out the rotten kernels from the cooled and then use the plastic bags which should be high resistance to oxygen, meltiple water proof, to seal the kernels.

2.Results and Discuss

The new technological conditions formulation for baking unhulled peanuts and the effects of compound antioxidants on the shelf life of the product were studied,and the optium processing conditions were achieved bytheL9 orthogonal test.The appropriateing redients of the product were 6% of salt,1% of glycyrrhiza and 0.065% of sodium cyclamate.The use of antioxidants was tested by experiments.The results showed that adding a certain amount of antioxidants could prolong peanut shelf life from 3-5 months to over 12 months.

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