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Youtube Sesame Cleaning Machine
Publish:2018-04-10 By serena

The structure of the sesame cleaning machine includes: a fuselage, a hopper, a propeller shaft, a motor, a discharge device, a discharge port, and a drain valve. The body has a cleaning chamber, and the hopper is installed on the body at the left end of the cleaning chamber. Its simple structure, high efficiency, saving water, saving time and effort, can be streamlined operations. Above is the youtube video of the sesame seeds cleaning machine.
Working process of youtube sesame cleaning machine:
Sesame cleaning machine is designed and made according to the characteristics of sesame. The machine is equipped with spiral agitating device, which can stir and push sesame continuously. After full stirring, sesame will be cleaned gradually. Combined with the small proportion of sesame, the machine can be divided into three levels, which are sewage, impurity and clean sesame material.

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Youtube Sesame Cleaning Machine
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