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Our Customer From Pure Buy Peanut Butter Production Line
Publish:2016-04-27 By Jacob

our customer

Our customer was a proprietor of the peanut butter plant, he begin his enterprise when he just graduate from school, He find our firm from Alibaba, after a longtime focus on, he choose to go to our business. Our profits manager Alex pick him from Xinzheng air port and he was very joyful to visit to China, soon after he go to the our manufacturing facility he finally make up his head and sigh deal with us.
A few times following he depart China, The Peanut butter generating equipment line was transported to Qingdao Port, Hope each individual issue gose properly together with his small business.

peanut butter production line

Roasters doing work temperature is 200-210 oC, 20-30 minutes. Use continual roaster will bake some mouth watering smells.
Peanut might be mail cooling belt to chill.
Put the roasted peanuts into peeler to consider from the purple skin, the double rollers will frication the crimson skin, the straightforward cyclone method will suck the crimson skins, many of them are going to be set in half-piece, then slide to the deciding upon conveyor, the over-roasted andun-blanched peanut kernel is picked up by handbook or mechanical.
Principal grinding: 
Making use of metal grinder to help make the first grinding.
Next grinding: 
Employing colloid grinder for making the second grinding, the fineness of grinding is controlled underneathcontrolled below 68C.
Make the butter far more homogeneous.
The butter by means of second grinding really should be cooled promptly. The temperature should go down 45C.
Consider out the air from peanut butter.
Storage tank:
Settling down while in the storage tank until the temperature fall to air temperature.
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8th Floor, Building 8, Jingkai Square, No.1507, Hanghai East Road, Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou, China.
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