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Where to Buy Best Oil Extractor Machine?
Publish:2018-01-17 By serena
Peanut oil extraction machine has many brands and models, choose a good factory cooperation, investment will be successful in half. So where to choose a good oil extractor brand and buy a best oil extractor machine?
LONGER oil extraction machine is the industry's twenty-year-old brand, for each customer to design a complete pre-sale and after-sale technical solutions.
1. Recommended models for customers: Oil production is not a single machine can be produced, is a combination of several production processes produced. Oil press commonly used are spiral, spiral and sub-cold pressing and hot pressing. South like the general hot squeeze, the northern region like cold pressed. The different raw materials, the type of machine is not the same choice. Some oil press boast a variety of raw materials can be squeezed, is a lie. Even if can squeeze, the oil yield, oil quality is not ideal. Specific to the oil rate, the machine big and small, the same raw materials, processing technology, the oil rate is not much difference. Therefore, the purchase of oil extraction equipment needs according to production, raw materials, local customs and other factors to configure the device model and quantity.
2. According to the raw materials and factories: According to the need to squeeze the oil raw materials to choose, if the main crushing sesame, almonds, walnuts and other high oil content of crops, then recommend the choice of hydraulic oil press, the operation more convenient and quick. If you want to squeeze peanuts, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflower, tea seeds and other oil crops, it is recommended to choose multi-function screw press machine equipment, Machinable a wider range, and processing large, to meet the processing operations and small and medium sized Oil plant operations. According to the actual operation of the site to choose from, if only two-phase 220V power, it is recommended to choose a small hydraulic oil press and two-phase mobile screw press, are national standard configuration to ensure that the same processing capacity sufficient power.
3. Good after-sales service: oil press delivered to the hands of customers, manufacturers will send technicians to install debugging; 24 hours for customers to solve production problems; our intentions of the service so that customers comfortable.

The oil extraction machine can be widely used to extract oil from peanut, seasme seed, almond, walnut, hazelnut, soybean, flax seed, hemp seed etc materials. If you are interested in the oil press machine, just contact us.
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Best Oil Extractor Machine

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