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Peanut Oil Extraction Process
Publish:2018-01-10 By serena
Peanut oil extraction process:peanut → clean → drying → shelling → roasting → crushing → rolling embryo → pressing oil → filtering→ oil producing,→ oil quality monitoring → finished penaut oil
In the process of pressing the peanut oil above, the machines that need to be used are probably: peanut cleaning machine, peanut dryer, peanut shelling machine, peanut roasitng machine, peanut skin peeler and crusher machine, peanut oil press machine, filling machine etc. If you are interested in peanut oil production machine, just feel free to contact us. Following are the working principle of peanut oil press machine.

Peanut oil extraction machine working principle: Peanut power deceleration transmitted to the spindle mounted to the spindle with the screw rotation, the thread of oil will continue to move forward, because the press bore screw and the space between reduced gradually, the oil density increased, thus the pressure increases gradually. In the press process, because the ultromotivity date is hot, the automatic temperature control device, increase the body temperature of the host, so as to reduce the labor intensity, wear peanut machine, saving labor, saving time and energy, the oil particles between the friction between the oil and the parts produced heat. This constitutes the two essential factors of the pressure and heat of the oil extraction process, which destroy the tissue cells and oil from the oil line, and the cake is released from the cake outlet and the cake outlet. When the spilled oil flows in through the oil filter on top of the barrel, the barrel in the air out of the vacuum pump. The negative pressure formed in the barrel, oil is pumped through the filter cloth, into the barrel, and the oil was isolated in the cloth above, then get the pure oil.

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Peanut Oil Extraction Process
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