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Almond Shelling Cracking Machine Youtube Video
Publish:2017-10-10 By serena
Three-stage almond shelling machine Introduction:
1. This shelling machine is a professional equipment for broken the hard shell, like the apricot and filbert to change.
2. Almond sheller divided into one level hoisting machine, one, two, three level processing. Adjusting the clearance between processing compression roller of one two three so as two processes the ability to process three different types of almonds at the same time.
Application: This machine is suitable for the processing of almond,hazelnut, palm etc nuts.
Performance parameters: This machine adopts three stage shelling device, 5.25kw motor, voltage 380V, it is an efficient and energy-saving machine.
Work efficiency: such as 8 hours per day, it can process 800-1000kg almonds per hour, suitable for medium and large apricot processing plants.
Almond Shelling Machine Video
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Three stage almond shelling machine youtube video:
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