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Using Method of Colloid Mill Grinding Machine
Publish:2017-09-14 By serena
1. Thoroughly disinfect and clean the inner part of the grinding machine.
2. Turn on cooling water and start the colloid mill. After the operation is normal, immediately feed the material into the grinding process. Empty cars shall not run for more than 15 seconds.
3. Processing the material does not allow quartz, broken glass, metal scraps of hard material mixed with them, otherwise it will damage the dynamic and static grinding disc.
4. Pay attention to motor load, if found overload, to reduce feeding.
5. The colloid mill belongs to high precision machinery, plate gap is small, the running speed is high and therefore the operator should keep the post, according to regulations, found that failure to be timely shutdown, troubleshooting before use.
6. After the use of colloid mill, should be thoroughly cleaned, do not leave the material in the machine, so as to avoid mechanical seal bonding, causing leakage.
7. Join the feed hopper or feed pipe, the outlet or the discharge pipe. Connect the cooling pipe and drain pipe.
8. Install the power starter and match the ammeter and the indicator light. When the power supply is connected, the motor should be turned on to determine the direction of the motor. The direction from the feed port shall be clockwise.
9. Adjust the plate gap, then unscrew the two handle clockwise rotation adjustment ring, with one hand extends into the base square rotation of motor fan, immediately stop when the rotating ring feels a bit of friction at. Then make a little reverse adjustment ring plate gap is greater than the general situation in the digital alignment, meet the processing requirements of the fineness of the material, as far as possible to make some big grinding clearance pin. This can make some grinding and long service life. Then tighten the locking handle clockwise the adjustment ring, the fixed plate gap.
Colloid Mill Grinding Machine
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