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Peanut Sheller Machine Work Management
Publish:2017-09-08 By serena
Peanut sheller machine is a necsssary equipment for processing peanut prodcuts factory and some farm, it can quickly remove the hard shell of groudnut with good shelling effect and low kernel broken rate. Following, let us know how we manage the peanut sheller in the groundnut shelling process.
1, in the process of operation, feeding should be kept uniform, with 20 - 30 kg / minute peanut fruit is appropriate. If it is found that the two air supply port has too much feed back to jam, the feed should be reduced and the lower part of the blower shall be removed and opened. The reason for excessive feed may be that the screen space is large and the flowers are small. Choose four, fifty kernels, the largest peanut kernel from the screen down, and if there is no 1/4, you should increase the screen number.
2, before the start of the first off the mouth of the closure of the kernel, not let the peanut kernel outflow. The screen on the surface of about 30mm thick peanut, then slowly open the retaining plate so that the kernel, peanut kernel, small fruit outflow along different directions, then adjust the opening degree often baffle plate retaining benevolence, benevolence in behind the peanut skin and try out the fruit out of flowers, otherwise it will affect the quality of shelling.
3, in the process of use, if a large number of peanuts gathered in the mouth of the kernel, the block board all open, still can not flow smoothly, at this time can guide wheel slightly higher, the peanut kernel can flow smoothly.
4, in the process of use, if found in the feed back more peanut skin, should be upwind of the wind board increased, increase the air volume. If that is blown out of the machine of peanut skin contains the kernel, should transfer a small volume, a mouth also baffle, can increase or decrease, to obtain satisfactory results.
5, the machine must be fixed around the level (according to the flow of peanut), otherwise it will appear the phenomenon of mixed kernels for export. The leveling method is more while said: peanut is low, the application of wood or sack to turn the wheel of this side pad; flowers fruit more side said high, should reduce the side wheels below the pad, the net to benevolence is appropriate; at the outlet of small fruit mixed nuts said the side if the bottom should be the guide wheel pad.
Peanut Sheller Machine Work
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