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Output of Stainless Steel Colloid Mill
Publish:2017-06-07 By serena
Longer's sales staff had summed up the colloid mill customers in the purchase of colloid mill, some problems often asked, one of the problems is the most customers ask, it is about the size of colloid mill production. A colloid mill production problems are explained, Longer to every customer, colloid mill is a kind of centrifugal equipment, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient equipment maintenance, suitable for high viscosity materials and materials with large particles. Its main weakness is also determined by its structure. First of all, due to centrifugal exercise, the flow is not constant. The same colloid mill, when dealing with viscous materials and thin fluid, the flow can be more than 10 times difference.
stainless steel colloid mill
stainless steel colloid millMay be a lot of customers on this explanation is not very understanding, the following to give you an example, so that we can more straightforward understanding. For example corn juice and peanut butter to do comparison, the same type of colloid mill when grinding corn juice, one hour can reach 200 kilograms of weight, but when grinding the peanut butter can reach 100 kg in weight, this is why? This is because the corn juice contains more water, the colloid mill is easier to grind, and the speed will be improved. Peanut butter is more viscous, and the colloid mill will be a little harder to grind. It will cost a little more time. Do you understand this explanation?
So why does the sales staff in customer advisory colloid mill will first ask the customer, what is used for grinding materials, and then recommend the type of colloid mill is the reason, if the customer is grinding material is relatively thin, yield low demand, long sales staff will recommend to customers of small colloid mill equipment, but if the customer is grinding materials the more viscous or larger production, sales staff will recommend to customers a larger colloid mill. Lange Machinery, carefully created, meticulous service.
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