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The Benefits of Eating Chilli
Publish:2018-08-16 By Arlene
chilli pepperDue to the hot taste of chili, it is usually used as flavor, but it contains various nutrients itself, which are of great benefits to the human body, so eating chilli can promote our body health.
1.To prevent gallstones
Green peppers are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which can make the excess cholesterol into bile acid, so as to prevent gallstones, people who already have gall-stone eat peppers, would be helpful to alleviate the illness.
2.To improve cardiac function
Pepper as the main raw material, match with garlic, hawthorn extract and vitamin E, can be made into "health food",  which can improve heart  function, promote the blood circulation. In addition, often eating chili can reduce blood fat and thrombosis, and play a role in prevention of cardiovascular system diseases.
4.To lower blood sugar
Scientists of Jamaica proved through the experiment, capsaicin can significantly reduce the blood sugar level.
5.To ease the pain of skin
The study found that capsaicin can relieve the pain of skin caused by many diseases.
6.To lose weight
Pepper contains an ingredient that can stimulate the body heat generating system by dilating blood vessels,  effectively burn body fat, accelerate metabolism, make the calories consumed faster, so as to achieve the effect that reduce weight.
7.To protect from radiation
Red pepper, black pepper, curry and other spices, can protect DNA of cells from radiation damage, especially from the gamma rays.
8.To promote blood circulation
Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that spicy food can promote the blood circulation, and can promote brain cell activity, helps delay aging and ease a variety of diseases.
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