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Main Machines of Sesame Butter Processing Line
Publish:2017-02-22 By Lisa
sesame butter making machine
Sesame butter is made after fried and grind sesame, with sauce flavor, used as seasoning, also called sesame paste. Mechanization replaced Handmade, greatly improving the yield of sesame, meet the need of users. Production of sesame butter cannot do without these machines, sesame butter making machine include sesame washing and drying machine, sesame roasting machine, sesame grinding machine, sesame packing machine.

Sesame washing and drying machine
This machine is includes the sesame seed cleaning machine, sesame seed dryer and hoister, it mainly used to wash the sesame seed, and remove the sand from the sesame. The sesame drying machine is mainly used to remove the water from the washed sesame, and then save the roasting time for the sesame. The hoister is used to carry the sesame into the hopper. We can provide different capacities machines.

Sesame roasting machine
The sesame roaster machine has widely used, suitable for processing a variety of dried fruits and nuts, can roast peanut, sesame, walnut, almond, etc. The heating method are electric and gas, the temperature can be adjusted. Convenient discharging without artificial.

Sesame grinding machine
The sesame grinder main material is stainless steel, it is through high speed relative motion of Rotor and stator, make the material get strong Shearing force, friction and High mode Vibration. Effectively crush, emulsify, homogeneity material to reach refined product. Can grind many materials like peanut, walnut, almond, meat, tomato and offer different output machines.

Sesame packing machine
The semi-automatic beer bottle filler machine uses the piston measuring mode and compressed air as the power to work without any other power supply and can work at an explosive or combustible circumstance by just stepping on the pedal.
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