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Automatic Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine for Sale
Publish:2018-07-13 By serena
Automatic Sausage Vacuum Packing Machine for Sale
Description of sausage vacuum packing machine:
This sausage vacuum packing machine is mainly used for packing the sausage in the foods processing factory. In addition, the machine can also vacuum, nitrogen, and plastic plastic/paper/hard plastic packaging for various foods, meat products, miso meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and cooled meat. The vacuum package can prolong the keeping time of the foods. Put the materials in the bags, and then put the packing bags on the sausage packaging machine, and then this machine can seal the products, and cooling products automaticlly.

Characteristic of automatic vacuum packaging machine:
1. the control system of the whole machine is controlled by OMROM, PLC and touch screen in Japan. It is simple and convenient to operate.
2. the vacuum system is imported from Germany, and the vacuum pump is used as the vacuum source. The pumping rate is fast and the vacuum degree is high.
3. mold replacement is simple, in addition to random molds, but also can be customized according to needs, to truly configure as needed, that is installed.
4. positioning system using OMROM inverter, encoder and photoelectric switch control, can achieve fixed length and photoelectric tracking operation, positioning accuracy and reliability.
5. Save time and energy of the foods business. The heating time can be changed by customers' requirement.  Your best choice to packing foods with the vacuum type. 
Vacuum Packed Sausage
Autoamtic sausage packaging machine technical service content:
1. Provide technical professional guidance and technical consultation for users.
2. Organize engineering and technical service personnel to carry out regular tracking services
3. Responsible for the installation technical guidance of the user construction, and provide the user with technical guidance and usage methods after the completion.

Warranty service for sausage vacuum packaging machine:
1. All machines purchased from the company shall be guaranteed for one year from the date of project acceptance and acceptance (or the contractual period of time) from the date of installation and commissioning. The entire system is repaired free of charge during the warranty period. Free home repair and commissioning services are available during the warranty period.
2. In accordance with our company's after-sales commitment, from the date of installation and operation from the date of warranty, the automatic sausage packing machine has quality problems, will implement a free warranty service. After the warranty period, the company will provide technical support and only charge for replacement materials and labor.
3. The user can report to the company's technical service center by telephone or fax letter. You can consult the service hotline to troubleshoot the problem. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the user will arrange the time and place. Our company will send technical service personnel to provide services to eliminate the fault and restore the user equipment to normal work.
Sausage Vacuum Packaging Machine for Sale

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