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Advantages and Maintenance Method of Chestnut Roasting Machine
Publish:2018-01-08 By serena
This chestnuts roasting machine also can be used to roast different materials such as the peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, Hawaiiannuts, Macadamia nuts, cocoa beans, beans, and so on. So it is very multimuafuctional in the food processing factory. This roasting machine is designed with the drum for roasting different materials, and named drum nuts roaster machine. The materials can be roasted evenly with good color. There are some advantages of the machine: 
Electric Chestnut Roasting MachineChestnut Roaster Electric
1. the drum can heat materials evenly, and a thermal insulation, high thermal efficiency about 150 kg per hour, if you want other special capacity machine you can also tell the manufacturer your requirements. There are electric heating way and the gas heating way customer can reference. 
2. the relative temperature of the cylinder sealed is very high, stew fried effect is particularly good, frying time is short. This machine can increase the whole business profits and economic efficiency.
3. this machine is controlled automatically, and do not need to manually flip; no stick phenomenon.
4. turn on the reverse switch, it can be automatically put out the roasted materials, save effortlessly, clean and hygienic.
Maintenance Method of Chestnut Roasting Machine:
1. before filling the oil, check the worm once a week, and if the lack of oil should be added oil.
2. shut down the air switch every stop, if the long-term downtime without using, you should clean the residual material avoid rust.  
3. if found the screen is broken, put down the screen and change a new one.
4. do not use long-term re-use when the first empty machine to turn 10 to 15 minutes, the original deposit of debris removed and can be inside the barrel of oil dried after heating.
5. the machine can be used only after preheating;5 to 8 minutes.

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