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How to Prolong the Usage Life of Nut Sheller
Publish:2018-03-06 By serena
Precautions for Peanut Sheller Machine:
1. During the peanut shelling, the feed peanut should in the right amount, absolutely not allowed have iron, stones and other debris mixed in the materials, reduce the cause mechanical accidents.
2. During using, the motor temperature can not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, the bearing temperature can not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, found that the temperature is too high should be promptly identified and ruled out.
3. When crushing peanut, workers should reduce the amount of peanut feeding; when operating, people not allow to stand on the side of the belt, avoid to hurt.
Maintenance of Peanut Sheller:
1. Peanut shelling machine using V-belt transmission. The new belt after using a period because of the role of tension will gradually elongate and relaxation, so regularly check the transmission belt tension and the fit of the gap whether is appropriate, should to adjustment timely.
2. During the operation, workers should always pay attention to the machines' working speed, sound, temperature whether is normal. Each time after ending of a species or a day after the completion of the operation, people should be shut down to check whether the overheating of the bearings, whether all parts of the fastening screws is good, if they are loosening, please fasten them timely, especially in the high-speed parts, such as: Fan blades, especially under the fan blades whether are worn or broken, the blade external reinforcement plate is worn or deformed, if have any problems be found in this machine, please timely repair or replacement them.
3. Checking the oil wear, whether there is timely refueling replacement.
4. After each operation, rub the bottom of the fruit machine, that is, the perforations of the fish-scale plate in a regular wire brush to clean up.
5. After the processing season, the machine should be in a large inspection. Checking the bearing operation and wear whether are in good conduction; check the bottom of the sieve for deformation or crack; checking the screening sieve wear. After the inspection, repairing the damaged parts, and removing the dirt and residual peanuts in the machine.
6. After using peanut shelling machine, please remove the belt, the machine should placed in the dry storage of the Treasury. Removing the belt, do not to be hung it on the indoor wall.
Peanut Sheller Machine
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