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How to Install the Frying Machine Correctly
Publish:2016-10-18 By serena
      The continous frying machine adopts the most advanced international oil-water hybrid frying process and unique in the home heating combined with precise microcomputer temperature control system, this design can not only improve the quality of fried products, but also reduces production costs. Frying machine frying technology becoming mature, in order to be able to eat more delicious fries food, we will continue to enhance the frying machine frying technology. In order to ensure the using of frying machine in the late time, we should pay more attention to the installed of frying machine. Then how to correctly install the frying machine? 
     1. Frying machine connected to the automatic temperature control instrument box, blower, lifting motor, cleaning residue pump, the total power, check the basket whether is normal.
     2. The clean residue pump and frying pan connection pipe should be closed, and then begin to put the water in the fry machine. Release rust through the artificial discharge slot.
     3. Install the connection line between the oil pump and the frying line. After checking all the pipes and joints of the residue pump and frypot. Putting the slag filter in the cleaning tank and put it in the oil container. With the residue pump to Sheng oil container of oil into the frying pan, the instrument box of the thermocouple metal parts soaked in edible oil inside.
     4. Start ignition, with dry wood after ignition of coal, the beginning of small air flow combustion, oil temperature reached 165-180 ℃, the total air flow into the air blower.
     5. Checking whether the metal part of the fryer's thermocouple is immersed in the cooking oil. The temperature control display is normal. Turn the temperature indicator to the temperature (130-190 ℃) you need.  
     6. Frying machine temperature can reached 130-190 ℃ when the start of a small amount of cutting fried, the first time to be a small amount of cutting, the second tiem should put more materials than before. 
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8th Floor, Building 8, Jingkai Square, No.1507, Hanghai East Road, Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou, China.
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