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Pork Rind Frying Machine Manufacturer
Publish:2018-03-06 By serena
Pork rind frying machine also be named continuous frying machine. It can fry the beans, meats, pork rind, snakcs and so on.
① Pork skin|rind fried production line can work with the external heating and internal filter at the same time to ensure that the use of cooking oil cycle, the maximum limit to reduce the carbonation of edible oil rate.
② External filter: through using of high-temperature oil pump forced circulation heating of edible oil in the process of installing a roller filter device can be mixed in the high-temperature oil in the timely clean-up filter out the residue.
③ Internal slag removal: in the bottom of the conveyor belt to install the scraping slag board and the pot body contact. During the material frying in this machine, the sink in the bottom of the oil bed hanging clean up to the feed end of the sediment tank. And then scraping Slag scraper inside the tank can clean up the residue to the frying machine to outside the slag cylinder.
Pork Rind Frying Machine       
Precautions for Installation of the pork rind frying machine:
We are a professional pork rind skin frying machine suppliers, in the years of development, we have accumulated rich experience, with many high-level skilled workers.  Here are some installation of pork rind skin  frying machine needing to attention:
1. The factory ground should be enough stronger than other place. Ground level should meet with the equipment requirements. Ground subsidence or uneven will greatly affect the mechanical capacity and machine usage life.
2. After mechanical settings, you must adjust the machine level. If the level of bad mechanical performance will be bad, life will be affected, the conveyor belt will be deformed.
3. In the control box access to a power supply. After the power supply is connected, move the conveyor belts in accordance with the drawings to confirm the direction of travel. In the case of a reverse power supply reverse rotation, there is the possibility of damage to machinery. Must be confirmed.
4. mechanical lifting, you must use the rings. Never use steel wire rope hanging directly on the mechanical frame lifting equipment. Will damage the equipment, very dangerous.

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8th Floor, Building 8, Jingkai Square, No.1507, Hanghai East Road, Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou, China.
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