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How to Maintain Peanut Peeling Machine
Publish:2017-08-29 By serena
Frying peanuts peeling machine is widely used for frying peanuts, peanuts butter in their early processing work. Removing the red the skin, peanuts are white without broken. It is automatically when the peanuts kernels and red skin are separated with high speed and more easy operation. If the customers use this machine is a not right way, the machine will more easy broken. These are some probelms should be pay attention to:
1. Peanut peeling machine is designed with triangle belt for transmission. When the belt is used for a long time, the belt will gradually stretched and relaxed due to the tension, In order to reduce the influence of making processing, making a regularly check for the belt is necessary. Once somethings is wrong, timely adjustment can be made.
2. Checking if these are some machine the speed and temperature. If the bearing will more easy become more over heated, which is harmful to the machine. Also checking the lower wind turbine is working well. The;external reinforcement plate whether is out of shape. Please change the broken parts.
3. Timely checking the hanging shaft and all the active joints of the screen, finding the problems about the machines' problems. Putting the oil timely. Every time after peeling, clean up the sieve bottom plate of peanut peeling machine, namely apertures of cowl flap with a wire brush regularly.
4. In the final step in the processing, make detail check of ;peanuts and skin whether is good, any thing machine is broken in the making process. Finding whether there is deformation or crack in the screen bottom and the wear of separating sieve. After the inspection, repair the damaged part and remove the dirt and residual peanuts.
5. There are the dust suction device, it can suck the red skin of the peanuts in the removing process. And the vibration sieve can pick the germ from the peanuts . There are also peanut half machine in can be deploy.
Maintain of peanut peeling machine is a details work, so when using the peeling machine, the customers should pay attention to the using rules.
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