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Automatic Jelly Packaging Machine for Sale
Publish:2018-07-10 By serena
Packaged JellyThis automatic jelly packaging machine has high quality with innovative continuous plane heat-pressure sealing and 2-step sealing,  it ensures the sealing stability. The jelly cup filling sealing machine is equipped with photo electric sensor feedback to automatically adjust calibration film sealing position. We can according to customers' needs, through the printer to print data in the product. Stainless steel structure makes the machine body more durable. Packers and food grade stainless steel parts and the contact seal structure to allow filling of the food product.
The automatic jelly packaging machine can fill a number of products of various shapes, such as round, peach, panda, heart VS heart, butterflies, etc, we can also design new models according to customer requirements. Two-step piston filling device allows filling amount adjustment. Two-step sealed to ensure product quality, and has a high percentage of the finished product. Optical tracking device may be designed to ensure proper seal. Local is a game section, they are directly in contact with food and are made of stainless steel. Therefore, this is meet government's food-grade requirements. According to the buyer's request, the imported components and equipped with PLC system can be added to the machine, and also add date printing apparatus.
Automatic Jelly Packaging Machine for Sale
With development of society, many kinds of things are connnection with technology. High-tech products has been integrated into people's lives. When people consume products, they are more attention to product quality. So the traditional making machine can not meet poeple's needs. So this jelly packaging machine for sale has desigined with automatic technology, they can bring you high quality and high products. If you still use the old moulds about jelly packaging machine, this new machine you can try it. 

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