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Peanut's value & added product
Publish:2016-01-26 By jacob
As we know, since peanut discovered by human, it always act as an important role in humans’ food receipt. Firstly, Human just eat peanut as fruit which means they eat it without  any processing, but now, with the development of tech and human’s demand peanut become more and more diversification. Below are the value added product of peanut.
  1. Peanut butter
Peanut butter is an incredible innovation, today peanut butter become a necessary seasoning of kitchen. Firstly, peanut should be shelling, then, roasting ,next, grinding, last packing.
  1. Peanut flavor
Every of us knows about wheat flavor, but just few know about peanut flavor. PF was innovated recently years but it now widely used in bread industry and other food industry Using peanut flour at a level of 4-8% in a formulation has been found to extend the shelf life of confections and can contribute a peanut flavor to the product. Peanut flour, because of its high protein content (45%-50%), is a good protein source in addition to its function as a flavoring agent.
  1. Peanut oil
Peanut oil is extracted from shelled and crushed peanuts by one or a combination of the following methods: hydraulic pressing; expeller pressing; and/or solvent extraction. Highly aromatic 100% peanut oil and peanut extract also are available. These products have a strong roasted peanut flavor and aroma. Suggested applications for these products include flavoring compounds, confections, sauces and baked goods.
  1. Roasted peanut
The most original cooking method of peanut is roasted, after roasted it, peanut will become very delicious than nit was row. Different coatings can be applied to the peanuts prior to and after roasting to provide a variety of products including such flavors as honey, smoked, sweet, hot and spicy, and salty.

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