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Peanut Butter's 5 Unknown Usage
Publish:2015-12-08 By Jacob
When you use Peanut butter in cookies and on sandwiches it is delicious,but its uses go further beyond the kitchen. The tasty peanut butter can do everything from preserving garden tools  to removing grime. Let us discover the most unexpected uses for peanut butter now!
1. Help You Catch a Mouse 
The old saying said that mice love cheese isn't entirely accurate. If you need to bait a trap for an unwelcome rodent in your house, use a bit of peanut butter instead of cheese is efficitive. Not only are mice attracted to the delicious taste, they won't be able to quickly snatch it from the trap and run away, like clever mice can with a hunk of cheese.
2. Help You Remove Sticky Labels
Everyone has bought a glass or dish with a stubborn sticky price tag on it. You can soap and scrub it for ages and still leave gummy residue behind. Instead of scrubbing until you scratch the surface of the glass, put a glob of peanut butter on the label. Let it sit for a few minutes, to let the oils sink in, and wipe it-and the label-away.
3.Lubricate Your Mower
The oily nature of peanut butter makes it great for moisturizing and lubricating. If your old lawn mower blades are getting a little rusty and creaky, smear them with peanut butter. They'll be turning like new in no time. Another outdoor use: Cover garden tools in PB in the winter to keep them from rusting during the off-season.
4.Cleaning Leather Furniture
Leather sofas can get dull and dirty with daily use. Instead of buying expensive leather cleaner, just rub a little peanut butter into the leather with a soft cloth and buff away the reside. Wow, a clean couch!
5.Get Gum Out of Hair
Accidentally getting gum stuck in your hair is almost a childhood rite of passage. Instead of cutting off a chunk of your kid's mane, grab the jar of peanut butter. Spread a spoonful of PB on the hair stuck to the gum and rub for a while. Eventually the gum should slide out of the hair with ease.

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