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The nutritional value and edible efficacy of pistachio nuts.
Publish:2015-12-02 By jacob
Legend of five centuries of Bosch in the war, thAlso it's a high nutritional value of food, every 100 nuts contain vitamin A20 micrograms, 59 micrograms of folic acid, iron 3 milligrams, phosphorus 440 mg, potassium 970 mg, 270 mg of sodium, calcium 120 mg, also contains nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, minerals, etc. Seeds oil content as high as 45.1%.Because of the pistachio nuts is rich in oil, so has the role of  purge intestinal tract, helps the body detoxification. Pistachios are nourishing food medicine, it taste sweet non-toxic, warm the kidney and spleen, benefit is deficient, the qi, can treat neurasthenia, edema, anemia, malnutrition, chronic diarrhea, etc.

Healthy efficacy
Dr. Li Zhaoping who studying at the university of California, Los Angeles, said  that Pistachio nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidation elements, with low fat, low calorie, high fiber. These are the distinctive features of it's the best choice of health, it can bring health three functions:
  1. Protect heart
Pistachio nuts is rich in arginine, it not only can reduce the happening of arteriosclerosis, helps to reduce blood fat, also can reduce the risk of a heart attack, lower cholesterol, relieve acute stress reactions, etc.
  1. Protect eye
Pistachios garment of purple fruit, contain anthocyanins, which is a kind of natural antioxidants, and emerald nuts are rich in lutein, it can not only antioxidant, but also to protect the retina.
  1. Lose weight
Eat 28 pistachio nuts  every day , means 48 gram approximately ,Can not only Let you forget the worry of fat, also helps to control weight. Of the full feeling usually takes 20 minutes, When you eat pistachio, let a person produce full abdomen feeling and satisfaction, which helps to reduce food intake and weight control.

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