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Automatic Peanut Burger Snack Making Machine in Nigeria Price

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Coating, mixing peanut raw materials to make peanut burger snacks in food industry.

Main Feature

Low energy consumption, high efficiency, peanut burgers are smooth, reach export processing standards.


Description of Automatic Peanut Burger Making Machine:
The cylindrical peanut burger machine developed and manufactured by LONGER Machinery Factory uses stainless steel spiral device to mix all kinds of raw materials and spin them out by means of positive and negative motor rotation. The contact material is stainless steel.

Application of Peanut Burger Snack Machine in Nigeria:
This machine is used for mixing late seasoning powder, coating and mixing of peanut raw materials. It can be widely used for coating, flavoring and mixing of drunken peanut, spicy peanut, spicy crisp, puffed food and seafood.
Automatic Peanut Burger Making Machine Price

Characteristics of Peanut Burger Making Machine in Nigeria:
1. small size, easy to move.
2. equipped with cycloidal pin wheel reduction motors, low noise, durable and uniform mixing in a short time.
3. low energy consumption and high efficiency.
4. it can be used for separate operation or for peanut coating production line.
5. peanut burger snacks processed by this equipment are smooth and can achieve export processing standards.
6. it is characterized by smooth movement, low noise and no pollution.

About the Peanut Burger Snacks:
This bag contains peanut burger snacks, with a thin, crisp wheat shell on it. The shells are crisp and the peanuts are soft. The mixture tastes good. Unlike some similar products, there is no special spicy flavor added, so the main flavor is peanuts. Obviously, "burger" is only a name, because there is no beef flavor or ingredients. The peanut burger snacks is very popular in Nigeria, the peanut burger making machine will be a good choice for the snacks production business.
 Peanut Burger Snack Machine in Nigeria

How to make peanut burger snacks video?

Technical Data

Model LG-1000
Dimension 1400*1000*1500mm
Power 0.75KW,380V
Weight 150kg


Q: What is the voltage of the peanut burger snack machine nigeria?
A: Generally 380V/50HZ, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Q: How long is the delivery time for automatic peanut burger making machine?
A: Generally, it is arranged to produce the goods within 7-15 days after receiving the deposit. If the order is more, it will take 25-30 days.

Q: Installation, maintenance spare parts are broken, how to deal with?
A: Equipment warranty for one year, within one year parts is broken, quality problem can return to our company for maintenance, and we will send to you in the fastest way. Don't delay your production.


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No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province.
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