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Two-drum Nut Roasting Machine Shipped to India
Publish:2021-09-09 By serena
A two-drum nut roasting machine is sent to the port and then shipped to India. Liquefied gas heating type, output is 200 kg/h. This Indian customer uses this machine to roast cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.

Introduction of Drum Type Nut Roasting Machine India
The machine adopts rotating drum, air convection conduction, and infrared radiation principle to roast nuts. During the heating process, the drum is continuously rotating to make the nuts evenly heated. The roasted nuts have a pure taste, the appearance of the food is positive in color, and there is no mushy on the surface.
Drum Type Nut Roasting Machine India
Advantages of Nut Roaster India:
  • Constant temperature roasting ensures the quality of roasted nuts. The temperature rises quickly, and is equipped with an automatic temperature control device.
  • The thermal efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the air consumption of a single drum is only 2-3Kg/h, which reduces the production cost.
  • The temperature control instrument can display the current temperature and the set temperature. Choose the appropriate roasting temperature according to different materials.
  • Centralized control cabinet. One-key operation can control the operation of the nut roasting machine, which is simple and convenient.
  • Small size, small footprint, easy to compose the production line.

The roasting machine can roast all kinds of nuts and has a wide range of uses. For example, peanuts / groundnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.
Nut Roaster Machine Shipped to India
Roasted Nuts in India
The aroma of roasted nuts is stronger and the taste is more crunchy, so it is very popular with consumers. India is very rich in nut resources. Peanuts, cashews and almonds are very common in India. However, studies have shown that most of the above-mentioned nuts exported from India have only undergone a simple shelling process, and their value is low. Roasting can greatly increase the added value of nuts.
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