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Sesame Cleaning and Drying Line Installation and Maintenance Instructions
Publish:2017-10-18 By serena
Sesame cleaning and drying line is designed according to the characteristics of sesame material. This equipment series uses water washing method to remove the dirt on the surface of sand and sesame seeds in sesame, and has good sesame impurity removing, which is the ideal choice for deep processing industry of sesame food.
Installation and Operation:
1. Place the equipment in the proper position, lock the wheel of the machine foot to prevent the movement of the equipment when it is running.
2. Turn on the power supply and check the steering of the equipment.
3, connect the water source, open the inlet pipe valve and drain valve. Adjust the inflow and outflow of water, so that the discharge valve discharge water is more than 1/3 of the inflow, 2/3 water discharge from the discharge port.
4, start the equipment, feed and can be produced.
5, the device should be a good leak leakage container, or configure the dryer.
Maintenance and Repair:
1, after work every day, remove the residue in the machine.
2, regularly to each bearing and drive chain filling grease, to avoid corrosion.
1, ensure the correct rotation direction of motor, never reverse.
2, the machine work is prohibited to hand or sharp metal tool contact feeder and stir screw and other rotating parts, so as not to cause damage or damage to equipment.
3, there will be a little sesame outfall discharge, should also be a good collection of vessel leakage, centralized treatment.
4, when the equipment is sealed, it is necessary to ensure the bearing and transmission chain to add lubricating grease, and to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof.
Sesame Cleaning and Drying Line
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